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Importance of Listening to Children free essay sample

Both the Children’s Act 2004 and Early Child Matters (ECM) recognize the fact that before any positive result is achieved, parents, practitioners and any adults in direct contact with the child need to always take into account the opinion of the child. (Lancaster 2006) By listening to children, it helps the adult, being parent, professionals or authority to make informed decision and this decision is very likely to work well for longer if the child feels that their voice have been heard. One of the most innovative aspects of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is its focus on children’s participation rights. It states that, children who are capable of forming a view should have the right to express that view freely in all matters affecting them. By allowing and encouraging this action, it will provide important feedback to the adult/ professionals and should reflect in the adult’s decision making (Kinney 2010). We will write a custom essay sample on Importance of Listening to Children or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Children that have been through some form of traumatic experience finds it therapeutic when they are listened to as this helps their self esteem and self efficacy now and in future. Kelly and Gilligan 2002) It is important to remember that it is not only when a child communicates verbally that adults or professionals have to listen, children can communicate in hundreds of ways e. g. drawing and painting, play, behaviour, emotions, etc (Roberts-Holmes 2005) It was in 1997, when the Labour Government was elected, they  acknowledged  that there were small voices of the children that were calling out for help due to the fact that they were not up to the level they should be in terms of their development by the time they reach the school age. The Government recognise that this issues can be tackled by providing access to Early years facilities which is why they had to invest by building children centres which provides the most convenient access to a different range of services for children and their families as well as improving access to the existing ones (Maynard and Thomas 2008, 121). In conclusion, Listening to children is highly important as it does not only respect their ights and dignity in accordance with the UN Convention, it shows children that they are being respected which in return helps to promotes their self-expression, development and it also provide important evidence for assessing the impact and values of service provided. In other words it allow the adult/ professionals to attend to their needs better (Kelly and Gilligan 2002). Early childhood policy and services. In: Maynard, T. and Thomas, N. An introduction to early childhood studies. London: Sage publications Ltd. p91-107. Kinney, L. (2006). Lets talk about listening to children: toward a shared understanding for early year education in Scotland. Available: http://www. ltscotland. org. uk/Images/listeningtochildren_tcm4-324433. pdf. Last accessed 09th Nov 2011. Lancaster, Y. Penny. (2006). Listening to young children: respecting the voice of a child. In: Pugh, G. and Duffy, B. Contemporary issues in early years. London: Sage publications Ltd. p63. Roberts-Holmes, G (2005). Doing your early year research project: a step-by-step guide. London: Sage publications. p126. Proof of Online Participation | Is it Really Important to Listen to Children by Omotunde Wasilat Alaba Oyefolu Friday, 30 September 2011, 01:48 PM| | I very much  believe that  it is very important to listen to children because without knowing what children think, how can they be cared for? How can we advocate for them to help them reach their full potential? By involving children, listening to what they have to say, this is the only way we can attain true improvement (Every Child Matters, 68). And who can do this but the people that are in constant contact with the child. Let us not forget that it is not only when a child communicates verbally that adults/ professionals have to listen. Children can communicate in hundreds of ways (Roberts-Holmes,126) drawing and painting, play, behaviour, emotions etc

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My favorite place to go as a child Essay Example

My favorite place to go as a child Essay Example My favorite place to go as a child Paper My favorite place to go as a child Paper There is a hill to the North of the town where I lived before that I liked to go to as a child. While standing there I could not stop thinking about the enormous space in front of me. There was nothing there, but it was not empty. Everything was electric. Energy from the lights and the people below seemed to fill the gap. Ideas and emotions flied around each other before finding their way back down to their owners who have not had time to notice they have been absent. This was a really nice place to think. I remember that every time I went there it was like standing at the mouth of a cave made of cloud and earth that hides the city from the rest of the universe. From there, the river seemed nothing but a smudge at the bottom of the hill, and if you looked closely, you could almost see the water creeping along the bed like a snake trying to sneak away into darkness. I especially liked to come to that place after the rain, when the air smelled clean and crisp. During those moments everything felt fresh, and like it might try to rain again; maybe leave a small puddle or two on the pavement. I remember that every time I went to the hill I was accompanied by the wind, which was blowing through the valley with force and power, as if a Greek god was common us. The wind was blowing my hair over my eyes and to the side of my face. Like shotgun blast dirt attempts to penetrate my eye balls but I automatically shut them ensuring the safety of my pupils. I must admit that the wind was keeping the valley alive and restless and made me come to the hill again and again. When the wind was blowing like this I started to realize that nothing remains constant or the way it was before hand. I understood that I can watch the ordinary be rearranged and witness the rebirth of something that once was old. Nothing is attached in the valley, everything is just as unattached as gypsies who roam the country side liberated in their freedom.

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20 Environment Project Topics on Waste Management

20 Environment Project Topics on Waste Management Welcome to the second article in the three part series covering the subject matter of waste management. This article will discuss the meaning of waste management; provide 20 environment project topics and a sample article on how to go about drafting any of the topics for your own particular project. Waste management are all the processes involved with managing waste- both solid and liquid- from its inception to its final disposal. The problem of efficiently managing waste is a global one which means it is up to every individual to discuss the need for efficiency in a bid to raise awareness on its effect on earth’s ecosystem. To simplify the task of handling a project on waste management, 20 environment projects will be outlined below which you can chose from if any difficulties arise in coming up with your own. The support doesn’t end there, for a sample written project will also be included in the concluding parts of this article to provide you with an excellent example on how to proceed with yours. As expected, all educational projects are scored for their originality and lack of plagiarism. So it is expected that you use this article as a guideline to provide the needed directions as you progress with your project. So here are the 20 topics on waste management: The Importance of Waste Management to Environmental Sanitation Evaluating the Problems of Solid Waste Management on the Global Stage The Need for Effective Waste Management Policies The Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management The Importance of Recycling to Waste Management Environmental Impact of Waste Disposal How to Develop an Effective Waste Management and Disposal Strategy Why the Reuse and Recycling of Plastics Are Essential to Waste Management How Paper, Metal, Wood, Glass and Plastics Are Recycled The 3Rs of Managing Solid Waste: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle The Impact of Recycling in Preserving the Environment Integrating Economic Incentives to Promote Recycling in Waste Management Discussing the Waste Management Expectations of the Future How Creating Recyclable Products Support Effective Waste Management The Impact of Inefficient Waste Management to Oceans Managing Electronic Waste to Ensure Green Computing Recycling and Reuse: Alternatives to Waste Management The Effects of Solid Waste to Business Environments Landfill Emissions and Their Impact on the Environment Waste Management and its Effects on Economic Growth These 20 topics should be viewed as environment project topics on waste management and they were provided to aid you in your choice of coming up with a topic for your personal project. Therefore, you can either pick a topic directly from this list or modify one to fit your writing needs. If you’d like to gather more info on the subject, we have a set facts on waste management for an environmental project and a separate project guideline piece should you need one. Also take note that below is a sample project written using a topic from this list as its inspiration. Sample Environmental Project: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle or the 3Rs of Managing Solid Waste This project was written as a means to introduce the ‘3Rs’ of waste management to the public’s awareness. Although most people are now familiar with the term recycling, which is a part of the 3Rs, knowledge on the remaining two which makes up this trinity are still obscure to a large subset of our population. The R’s in the trinity of the 3Rs are acronyms for the term Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as can be seen in the topic heading of my project. And the meaning and the role they play on solid waste management will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Globally, humans of the world are currently producing more garbage or solid waste that now test the capacity of our landfills and studies have shown that the traditional methods of waste disposal such as the use of incinerators and burying garbage could affect the environment and our health negatively. These negative effects are due to gas emissions from incinerators and noxious smells which is why it is very important for there to be more eco-friendly alternatives to manage waste. This need has in part been met by the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle- which in terms of waste management mean: Reduce- as individuals we should buy only what we require thereby reducing the household waste we produce. Reuse- if we need to acquire goods, purchasing used ones or eco-friendly substitutes is encouraged or we can reuse our old packages in creative ways. Recycle- when discarding waste, we must consider ways of recycling or reusing them before taking the last option which is to discard. Applying the 3Rs in Everyday Conduct Many nations have begun to integrate the 3Rs into their official waste management policies, some examples include the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in Ireland and Mexico’s Solid Waste Act which were put into place to drastically reduce how waste was produced and managed in these countries. The 3Rs can be applied in line with government policies in the following ways: Reduce: manufacturing companies are tasked with reducing the amount of raw materials used in making products from scratch. Then individuals should consider not purchasing products that can be replaced by technology or the reuse of other items. An example is opting out of your local phonebook or TV guide subscription lists which are now easily accessed online. The average person in the United States throws away 600 times the size of his or her body weight in garbage and reducing what we buy will drastically affect these numbers. Reuse: unlike recycling, the alternative to reuse items is yet to catch on in consumer societies but individuals can take the first step reusing containers, giving outgrown clothes to friends or charity as well as donating electrical appliances or furniture to people in need. A reuse policy can also be initiated by the government thereby reducing the approximately 50 million tons of electronic waste produced globally. Recycling: manufacturing and purchase of recyclable products have been given a lot of media exposure in the past as well as currently and this has improved the waste management practices on the global scale. Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Holland currently recycle 60% of the total waste its citizen’s produce and if this could be adopted by more nations, the earth’s ecosystem will definitely be healthier for all. The 3R are procedures every one of us can implement in his or her household without incurring any extra expenses. So what stops you from reusing that old can, donating to Salvation Army or using the recycle bins at work? References: Jean, B. (2013). Waste Management. Galle, J. Samuelsson, B. (2001). Measurements of methane emissions from landfills. Hoornweg, D. (1999). What a waste: solid waste management in Asia Huang, Q. Wang, L. (2006). The current situation of solid waste management in China. Johannessen, M. Boyer, G. (1999). Observations of solid waste landfills in developing countries: Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Monhanty, C. (2011). Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (the 3Rs) and Resource Efficiency as the basis for Sustainable Waste Management Rhonda, S. (2014). How Your Business Can Cut Costs by Reducing Waste.

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The causes of marital infidelity in our society Essay

The causes of marital infidelity in our society - Essay Example According to a number of experts, sex is not the only requirement that continues a healthy relationship; however, intimacy is the factor that plays the vital and crucial role in sustaining different issues of lives in a collective manner. In addition, sexual desire is considered the basic factor that brings two people closer to each other; however, it is indicated by the studies that it is essential that a couple should be understanding each other through presence of intimacy. Moreover, it is essential that two people in a relationship should effectively communicate with each other, as reports have indicated that opposite sex attraction is not the greatest concern in the case of marital infidelity, but the inefficient communication that takes people far away from each other. According to a survey in the year 2000, more than thirty percent of males admit that they had slept with another woman once during their marriage. (Duncombe, pp. 23-25) In addition, approximately twenty percent of women admitted doing the same during the survey. Interestingly, all these men and women accepted that they were having a passionate sexual relationship with their partners in marriage. In this regard, it was not the absence of sexual satisfaction that prompted these participants in betraying their partners, but lack of communication. (Aaron, pp. 33-34) In other words, sexual desires for others would be the only cause of marital infidelity for some people; however, collapse o f communicational bond is one of the major factors that cause marital infidelity in relationships. A number of other causes have been indicated by the experts, as it is observed that a relationship starts affecting, when a partner divert his focus from the his/her partner to other platforms, such as career, business, friends, etc. Studies have indicated that most of the extra-marital affairs do not begin with sexual attraction, but general mode of friendship that involves sharing of personal issues and

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Plasmid analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Plasmid analysis - Essay Example The blue plasmid DNA did not contain any of the restriction sites for Hind III or Sac I. Introduction Plasmids are the extra chromosomal DNA molecules which are mostly double –stranded, circular and covalently closed molecules, varying in size from 1 kb to 200 kb. (Sambrook and Russell 2001). They are found in many bacterial species. They replicate independently and use a variety of mechanisms to maintain their copy number. They contain the gene codes for the enzymes that are important for the bacterial hosts. The plasmids act as vectors in the molecular biology experiments. The vectors are the carrier DNA molecules into which the foreign gene of interest is inserted and expressed in the host. This DNA is now called recombinant DNA (Roberts and Murray 1976). This recombinant DNA is able to express the Foreign DNA in the bacteria. These vectors replicate inside the host cell along with the inserted DNA. These vectors are of two types: expression vectors (expression of the clone d gene to give the desired protein) and cloning vectors (produce millions of copies of cloned DNA) (Sambrook and Russell 2001). Restriction endonucleases are the enzymes that cut the DNA at the specific sequences. There are about 200 different restriction enzymes (Siwach and Singh 2007). ... The restriction mapping is used to identify the plasmids. The number of DNA fragments and the size of the DNA fragments depend upon the action of the restriction enzyme (Kruezer and Massey 2008). These DNA fragments thus obtained are separated using the Agarose gel electrophoresis. Restriction mapping consists of three important steps. They are restriction enzyme digestion, agarose gel preparation and sample loading (Kruezer and Massey 2008). Results and Discussion: The nutrient agar plate was inoculated with E.coli, and the antibiotic discs were placed in the four quadrants. Figure1: Antibiotic profile against tetracycline in E. coli DH5alphaE:: pMTL84445 After inoculation at 37 degree Celsius for overnight, it was observed that the antibiotic disc of tetracycline had a clear zone. This indicates that the E.coli culture is resistant to kanamycin, chloramphenicol and ampicillin. There is very little sensitive to tetracycline. Figure 2: Antibiotic resistance profiling: Table 1a : Anti biotic resistance profiling of kanamycin control Kanamycin control E. coli DS941::pRRK Antibiotic disc Zone diameter in mm Chloramphenicol 30 Kanamycin 0 Tetracyline 10 Ampicillin 0 E.coli DS941::pRRK bacteria was found to be very sensitive to Chlormaphenicol and comparatively sensitive for Tetracycline antibiotics. The bacteria showed resistance to kanamycin and Ampicillin. Table 1b : Antibiotic resistance profiling of chloramphenicol control Chloramphenicol control: E. coli DS941::pAV35 Antibiotic disc Zone diameter in mm Chloramphenicol 0 Kanamycin 27 Tetracyline 32 Ampicillin 0 E. coli DS941::pAV35 bacteria were found to be very sensitive to Kanamycin and Tetracycline and resistant to Chloramphenicol and Ampicillin.

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Human rights cannot be both universal and political. Discuss Essay - 1

Human rights cannot be both universal and political. Discuss - Essay Example The fact whether human rights can be both universal and political, or not has engendered lots of heated arguments so far. Most of these arguments spring from the concerns of individuals’ religious, cultural, social perspectives with what they consider to be rights of human beings. But in one age or place what was considered by the people to be a valid right of human beings, appeared to be invalid and oppressive in others; therefore they were amended and also changed. The concept of rights varied from place to place, age to age, culture to culture, by the geo-cultural variables. As a result the universality of human rights is questioned and often tried to be explained from a narrow political and culturally relativistic view (Cohen 1989, pp.1014-1017). But a holistic approach is made to address both the universal and the socio-political view of rights. In the context of human right movement of modern time, the universality of human right has been the most tried matter in order t o enhance its applicability in a global framework. Consequently an endeavor to procure a universalized view of human right is significantly remarkable in the definitions of the scholars at the forth part of modern human right movement. This paper will focus light on the reasonability of arguments and counter arguments on the topic whether human rights cannot be both universal and political and attempt to retrieve a conclusion on the possibility of drawing a mutual line between the two. The idea of universality of human right is prompted first by the prominent European philosophers such as Grotius, Hobbes and Locke (Rayner n.d.). But internationally it was introduced immediately after the Second World War. As Gà ¶rkem Birinci â€Å"Human rights were brought into the focus immediately after the Second World War with the establishment of the United Nations† (n.d., p. 1). This universality is asserted on the foundations

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International Market Entry and Development Essay - 2

International Market Entry and Development - Essay Example The purpose of this essay is to analyze foreign marketplaces and the strategies that must be used to penetrate US, China and other's markets. The competitive landscape has changed and the United States has to keep up with the changes worldwide. Currently the top exporter in the world is the emerging economy of China, while the U.S. is the 4th highest exporter and the top importer worldwide. Due to the amazing growth of many emerging economies companies must target these foreign nations to achieve further growth in the long term. One of the best ways to establish a strong market presence described in the essay is through the utilization of a branding strategy. A branding strategy has many benefits including the ability to charge a premium price for products and services. A company in the apparel industry that has used a branding strategy to successfully penetrate many nations worldwide is Urban Outfitters. The use of a branding strategy helps companies build up a reputation among cust omers that leaves a lasting impression on the buyers. The use of marketing is also described by the researcher and is critical to create a branding strategy. The reseacher mentiones that the top fast food restaurant in the world, McDonald’s, spends every year a $1 billion in marketing expenses to continue its branding strategy. Companies that are able to establish a brand value have a better chance to succeed in international markets. The branding strategy can be as effective in the international markets as in the domestic marketplace.